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PT. Solusi Jaya is a company that offers solutions in Pumps, Cleaning Machines such as Generators and HAWK Pumps, Pratissoli Pumps, Pressure Pro, High Pressure Pumps, Hydrotest Pumps, Air Compressors, Water Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Cleaning Accessories, Yanmar, Kubota, and etc. 

PT. Solusi Jaya offers a wide selection of high pressure, heavy duty and high pressure pumps at competitive prices. Every component of the world-class HAWK pump is assembled and tested to industrial cleaning standards. HAWK PUMP is a world renowned product that excels in quality, efficiency and reliability.

For 30 years, Leuco S.p.A. has been a leader in the design, development and manufacture of HAWK high pressure pumps and accessories sold worldwide. And currently, PT Solusi Jaya is the only authorized and trusted distribution in Indonesia.

In 2000, the Leuco S.p.A. Quality System. certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. In 2004, Leuco S.p.A. joins the KÄRCHER Group, the world's largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment. This gives extra encouragement to companies to design and develop innovative products to meet the needs of the world market, especially in Asia.

HAWK pumps and accessories are used in an endless variety of applications. They are used in high pressure washing machines (with hot and cold water) for cleaning vehicles, agricultural machinery, earthmoving equipment, industrial machinery, boats and airplanes. They are used in industrial cleaning (including the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries), community services (schools, hospitals), agriculture (stables, livestock, silos).

They are used for tank cleaning: industrial and food tanks, tankers, rubbish skips; for sandblasting and paint-stripping surfaces, building façades and walls; cleaning of monuments, cleaning and maintenance of ship hulls. They are used in fixed installations such as car wash tunnels (for vehicles, equipment and food containers) and in self-service car washes. They are also used in other applications including misting (greenhouses and industrial applications), dust abatement, fire-fighting systems and pipe, drain and sewer maintenance.

HAWK brand piston pumps are ISO 9001: 2015 certified ISO 9001: 2015 certification is an internationally recognized standard for the creation, implementation and management of a Quality Management System. Because Leuco spa performs an inspection of the process and has been assessed by a certification body, our customers do not need to carry out further checks. ISO 14001: 2015 is the international standard for these designs.

As a global supplier to the industrial washing market, PT. Solusi Jaya understands the importance of customer satisfaction. Thanks to our production and organization flexibility, we can ensure fast delivery and meet even the most pressing demands.

Staff of the Customer Service and Engineering Department of PT. Solusi Jaya has extensive experience in the industrial washing sector. Our customers are the main focus of all our activities. PT. Solusi Jaya aims to provide the best service and assistance that is fast and effective. We know that the commitment of PT. Solusi Jaya to you is the key to our success. For more information about us and our products please contact us directly via email or contact us by phone at this number: +6221 8661 2083, 6844 2005.

WHY PT. Solusi Jaya

Efficient service

The company is located in Jl. Jend. Pol. RS soekanto No.34 Duren Sawit, Kota Jakarta Timur, 13460, a good office environment and perfect logistics support, coupled with PT. Solusi Jaya has been focused on the service concept, to provide an efficient shopping experience, the efficiency, and speed.

Competitive prices

The company's global sourcing philosophy, a mature network of suppliers, so that we can provide competitive prices

Professional technical support

20 years of high-pressure water cleaning industry experience, coupled with foreign excellent enterprise technical training, so that we are different, rich industry experience, for customers product selection, product applications, after-sales guidance to help.

HAWK International


The product covers all products of the entire high-pressure water cleaning system, which can provide one-stop shopping services. PT. Solusi Jaya is not a general trading company, the company has a huge product reserves, 90% of the spot supply, which ensures our supply of time. The company has an independent electrical engineering department, can provide product circuit design and production. Choose us, trust us, make everything easy.